Pan-Nigerian Alphabet

When working in the non-english-speaking world, it’s a common scenario that a typeface used for a design is missing a small number of diacritics or glyphs used in a specific language – german, icelandic, norse, polish…

A language that uses the latin alphabet “plus some special characters” is the Pan-Nigerian alphabet. By adding those characters to a font that was missing them, the font becomes usable for millions of people. Nigeria has a population of approximately 216.7 million, speaking over over 525 native languages.

In this exercise, students receive the task to make an open-source font available for the Nigerian native languages, by adding the missing characters.

The list of glyphs needed:

  • Ɓ / ɓ = (U+0181 and U+0253) (aka uni0181, uni0253)
  • Ɗ / ɗ = (U+018A and U+0257)
  • Ǝ / ǝ = (U+018E and U+01DD)
  • Ẹ / ẹ = (U+1EB8 and U+1EB9)
  • Ị / ị
  • Ƙ / ƙ = (U+0198 and U+0199)
  • Ọ / ọ
  • Ṣ / ṣ = (U+1E62 and U+1E63)
  • Ụ / ụ